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The Author


"Writers ignite the spark. Readers work the magic"

Born in 1978 in Caracas, Venezuela, Will Canduri currently resides in Michigan, United States. 

His debut work, "Ensalada de Cuervos," became a bestseller in 2021 and received an Honorable Mention at the International Latino Book Awards (ILBA, 2023), in the category: The Rudolfo Anaya Best Latino Focused Fiction Book Award.

Among his other successes are the anthology "Siempre Joven," "El Misterio de la Garra del Oso," and "Farewell, Oviedo." Will has been recognized as a finalist in the Independent Published Book Award (IPPY, 2023) with his book "Twisted Crows," and winner in two categories (Best Anthology and Best Multicultural Book) in The 20th Annual Best Book Awards (2023, American Book Fest) which represents a translation into English of a significant portion of his written oeuvre.

His versatile and creatively rich writing style, along with his ability to craft compelling settings and characters, as well as his unique and distinctive narrative tone, make Will Canduri one of the most renowned emerging contemporary authors in Latin America.


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